A consultative approach, leveraging proven strategy and best practices every step of the way.



The Power of One™


Extensive experience managing large-scale complex matters


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Dedicated managing attorney to serve as a single point-of-contact


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Experienced in consulting and developing custom workflows


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Excellence in implementing robust and structured quality control procedures


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Proficiency in helping clients through all of the potential phases of a litigation


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Secure and virtual review process that builds upon proven talent and workflows


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We Can Begin Immediately

A deep bench of qualified attorneys allows us to get your project up to speed quickly.

Team Approach

Full-time staff, 24/7 help desk availability, and IT / operations staff mean you are fully covered no matter what comes up.

Details Handled

We take care of all the nuts and bolts, so our clients can focus on the practice of law.

Security First

Data security in remote reviews cannot be overstated. Ours is robust, battle-tested, and reliable. More.

Fast Ramps

One main benefit of remote reviews is that by removing geographic constraints, ramp times are much, much faster. .

Easy Migration

If situations change, we can migrate your review from remote to in person or back again. More.

Virtual Review

Virtual Review

Trust.Review™ – The proven Trustpoint review process, applied virtually. Our secure, virtual review process builds upon proven talent and workflows to establish geographically independent review teams.

Our Commitment

We know that the need to work remotely will become increasingly necessary.  We are committed to working with you and to continuing business uninterrupted.  Our technology and IT systems allow us to work remotely on a fully efficient basis to provide you with the same level of service you expect from us.

Through Trust.Review, we can geographically expand our talent and extend a secure work environment to better balance the client’s need for security with the time sensitivity of review engagements.


All virtual review activity is logged and centrally stored on our secure data servers, ensuring every action is verifiable, audit-ready, and defensible.

ID Verification

Using secure multi-factor authentication, all team members are required to regularly verify their ID.

Quality Control

Our quality control measures ensure redundant checks at each stage of the review. No decision is left unverified.

Proven Talent

By choosing our reviewers based on their past history of review success, we deploy proven, vetted attorneys on every review project.

ISO Certified

Wholly owned, never co-located data servers. Both ISO and SOC2 compliant. The highest standard of security.

Clean Data

Just like in traditional review, each session is logged and recorded independently. There is no data-overlap among team members.

Case in Point - A small selection of our experience.

In an IP licensing case with antitrust issues at its core, we supplied a team of attorney reviewers that grew to 105 in size over the life of the review. Under the leadership of our Senior Project Manager, a first level review of over three million documents was achieved on-time with no overtime. We assumed increasing responsibility of the review and production QC workflow, providing a tremendous cost savings to our corporate client.

A global pharmaceutical company involved in international class-action litigation was faced with reviewing over 5 million pages in electronic format. Trustpoint.One was selected by lead counsel to support the client’s California-based litigation firm in taking full responsibility for the initial phases of review for privilege and legal relevance. We identified, interviewed, and selected the appropriate team of review attorneys for the project and provided an offsite location with a minimum of 25 attorney work stations, full broadband connectivity, and space for supervisory personnel from the lead law firm and litigation consulting firm. Trustpoint also identified a project manager to work on-site with the law firm and consultants to conduct weekly reviews for productivity and accuracy, ongoing training and support, and general quality control procedures for the project.

A Fortune 500 Tech Company sought our assistance in increasing productivity for its existing document review and morale among its document reviewers. Working with the company’s outside counsel (an AmLaw 100 firm), we implemented processes that increased the document review’s productivity by 3000 documents the first week, and 5000 documents the second. A survey of contract attorneys on the project revealed morale to be significantly improved as well.

A leading pharmaceutical company was faced with redacting and producing over 600,000 pages in three weeks. Due to the emergency nature of the project and the short timelines, we assembled a dual-location team comprised of reviewers in our Columbus and Cleveland onshore review centers. The team worked under the leadership of an experienced Trustpoint.One project manager who acted as the single point of contact for the client and outside counsel. Working in close collaboration with outside counsel, our review team completed redactions ahead of schedule and assisted with cleanup QC. As a result, outside counsel made a timely production. By completing the redactions at our review centers, we reduced client costs by 33%.