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Why Trustpoint Discovery Services

We prioritize our customers’ goals by leveraging our expertise, customer-focused flexibility, and technology to deliver exceptional eDiscovery services.

Privately Held for Better Service

Trustpoint One is unique in that we are the largest privately held legal services company. While most of the players in this space have been consolidated and acquired, Trustpoint One remains independent which means we answer only to our customers by saying YES as our default answer. This leads to a delivery and feel that is unmatched in the industry. As our competitors grew larger and larger, their assembly line approach turned into a LONG conveyer belt approach with multiple departments and many hand offs to perform routine and basic tasks. At Trustpoint we limit the queue while consistently providing white glove service.
Quality Service
Process Delivery Model

Best of Breed Process/Delivery Model

Trustpoint One prides itself on delivering the SHORT assembly line model. Our experienced team of project managers have the ability to not only lean on our high-end analyst and consulting team, but also have the ability to process, administer, and produce. This approach allows our team to be better positioned for ongoing consulting while being able to deliver much quicker than the competition. Our project management philosophy is based on the following:

  • Follow the Sun Approach
  • POD System
  • White Glove Approach
  • Response Times and Communication Protocol
Follow the sun

Follow the Sun Approach

TP1 has project managers working 24/7 to support requests, provide status updates and answer inquiries that come in at any time of the day or evening.

POD System

  • A group of experts from different departments of the delivery team (project management, operations, analytics, and review)
  • Lead project managers leverage secondary project managers and support teams to rely on to provide status updates, confirmation receipt of email inquiries, and internal coordination of ongoing tasks
    • All work is QCed by the lead project manage prior to being released to the client
  • Lead project managers work closely with analytics consultants and attorney review managers to ensure communication is clear and concise, and that work product is accurate and on time
white glove approach

White Glove Approach

  • The Trustpoint project management team is well versed in the technical details of processing, analytics, Relativity administrative work, which allows them to be more consultative on workflows while simultaneously being hands on when needed.
  • We strive to minimize the amount of handoffs internally to reduce human error and deliver as efficiently as possible.

Response Times and Communication Protocol

  • Standard email response time – Trustpoint strives for response times <30 minutes with no longer than 1 hour to confirm receipt of any requests or inquiries
  • When requests are received, it is standard practice to memorialize the request with confirmation of any details, questions, etc. (i.e., we provide a production checklist for client sign-off, before submission internally).
  • All client phone conversations are memorialized with follow-up emails that summarize the same.
  • Internally, all communication related to ongoing client work is tracked via the internal ticketing system and project management tool.
  • As part of the project protocol, it is standard to offer/provide cadenced calls (i.e., daily, weekly, bi-weekly) to provide project status updates and discuss ongoing workflows with clients.

True End-to-End Delivery Model

One point of contact, multiple points of expertise. Trustpoint is one of the largest integrated legal solutions providers in the country, serving the Am Law 400 and the Fortune 2000 as well as Government agencies. Our solutions address the entire litigation life cycle, from beginning to end. It’s everything you need, all in one place, with one trusted partner. This is legal solutions, simplified.

  • Legal Staffing
  • Information Governance
  • Cyber Services
  • eDiscovery
  • Managed Review
  • Court Reporting
  • Translations
  • IT Staffing

Flexible Pricing

Flexible Models – We can work with you on a subscription, on-demand, or hybrid basis.
  • Subscription – Managed Services
    • Access all the eDiscovery services you require for a single monthly price. We take care of all the infrastructure, software & support.
  • On-Demand – All Matters independent of volume
    • Choose just the eDiscovery services you need, right when you need them. Easily scale up or down as necessary.
  • Hybrid Models
    • Often clients need certain services on subscription and others on-demand. While this may pose a problem for many of our competitors, our privately held status allows us to offer the flexibility our client demand
flexible pricing

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